Is a Sailboat Rental in Key West Right For You?

There are many things to think about when deciding on a sailboat rental, Key West, Florida.  The boat a person decides to rent will be determined on the objectives of the sailboat rental.  Blue Ocean Yacht Charters (BOYC) located in Key West, Florida offers sailboat rentals.  We will pair you with the appropriate boat that can make your experience fun and safe.  Factors to consider to make a fun and safe sailboat rental Key West are as follows:

Speed, Size, and Style of the Sailboat Rental, Key West

When considering a sailboat rental Key West, you will have to determine the number of people that you will be bringing with you.  Guests lists can rapidly change so make sure you will be able to cover the costs in case a guest cancels on you.

Every vessel has a passenger rating based on the boat’s manufacturers specifications and the size of the sailing yacht.  When deciding on a boat rental, you will need to decide if you want a sailboat or a power boat.  The speed of the boat will make a will make a big difference how fast you arrive @ your destination.  It is very important you understand how fast your watercraft will travel to make sure you have time to do everything you desire.

The size of the yacht can affect different aspects of your sail boat rental, Key West. The bigger the vessel the slower it could move.  Also the size of the sailboat is important to make sure you have the space you are looking for.  Additionally, the size of the vessel will determine the boat’s ability to handle rough water.  The bigger the sailboat, the more waves the boat can handle and therefore the smoother the boat ride.

Objective of Your Sailboat Rental in Key West

When you decide to rent a sailboat, you must have an objective.  First determine your float plan.  This plan is the “road” map to where you will be going on your sailboat rental in Key West.  You must decide what activities you will be doing during the allocated time of the sailing rental, Key West. Understanding the time you need to be back to the marina is very important to avoid any late fees.  After your float plan is complete, it is important you leave a copy of this with someone you know.  They should know your start and stop times, age, gender, and number of passengers on board.  The friend or family member must check in with you when you return from your Key West, sailboat rental.

Day Charter or Overnight Charter, Key West

If your sailboat rental in Key West starts and stops on the same day, there is less planning that needs to be done.  If your boat rental is overnight, there is much more to consider.  An overnight sailboat rental could be on a yacht at the marina, away from the boat’s slip at the marina, or a combination of both.

Sailboat Rental Overnights at the Marina

Blue Ocean Yacht Charters offers overnight sailboat rentals in Key West.  It is required that you take in some sort of sailing excursion, at least one time, during your stay on the yacht at the marina.  An overnight sailboat rental is a popular way to enjoy land activities in Key West as well as the beautiful ocean.  All sailboats in our fleet are located at Stock Island Marina Village and Perry Hotel, Key West Florida.

When staying on a sailing yacht at the marina you will have free access to all the resort amenities of the Perry Hotel.  The amenities include two water front swimming pools, fine dining restaurants, pool side restaurants, and live music.  Furthermore, you will have access to a free shuttle that will take you and your guests to downtown Key West.  Visit the famous Duval street during your sailing vacation. Enjoy famous restaurants, unique boutiques, entertainment and more.

Sailboat Rentals in Key West Away from the Marina

Sailboat rentals away from the marina can go just about anywhere as long as there is calm waters for your overnight anchorage.  Protected, private, uninhabited islands make a great overnight anchorage for any sailboat rental.  Other marinas and protected areas of the ocean make a great marine vacation.  There are sailboat charters that you can take in that will give you access to land amenities.  Cruise up the Florida Keys for marinas and anchorages.  Enjoy entertainment, retail, unique attractions, and restaurants.

Other charters such as a sailboat charter to the famous Dry Tortugas National Park will offer a unique experience all of its own.  This sailboat rental in Key West will not give you the option to stop at land amenities until you arrive to the Dry Tortugas.  Take in this private yacht charter for a one of a kind escape from the hustle and bustle of life.  Islands, wildlife, beautiful ocean waters, and marine animals will memorize you in this Key West sailboat rental.  A charterer will need a minimum of five nights to take in this sailing charter.

One can take in a closer sailboat rental in Key West, such as a 24 hour private island adventure.  Boca Grande is a popular private, uninhabited island located about 15 nautical miles southwest of Key West. Boca Grande makes a great 24 hour private sailing rental in Key West.  Besides a 24 hour sailing charter there are many options of places to go, things to do, and see on a Key West sailboat rental.

Qualifications needed for a Sailboat Rental, Key West

Anyone renting a sailboat that will navigate it themselves has to have experience and know what they are doing because safety is very important. There are a number of things to consider before taking out the boat on a charter.  Many larger vessels are too complicated for most individuals to skipper themselves.  A captain and crew is needed for larger yachts.  BOYC in Key West, Florida has a full line of qualified captains that you can hire.  I recommend that anyone partaking in a boat rental takes the Florida boaters safety coarse, prior to embarking.  Having boating certifications or licenses to operate the particular vessel your are renting is helpful.

Understand your Boat and waters you Cruise

When renting a boat or yacht, it is important to know every system on board and how they work.  This will ensure you have a safe and great time on your sailboat rental Key West. Furthermore understanding safety requirements for the size of your boat is vital.  Make sure to be compliant with safety equipment required by state and local laws.  Lastly make sure you know the ocean waters you are navigating. If this is your first time traveling on a particular route on the ocean, its wise to ask a local experienced captain.  This will give you confidence in your chart plotter and depths you are cruising in.

Watch the Weather in Key West

On a sailboat rental in Key West it is very important to understand wind speeds and directions of it.  Understanding weather patterns is essential to a happy and safe sailing yacht rental. Its always a good idea to confirm your forecast with a local, experienced sailing captain. Its a good idea to get your weather predictions from at least two different meteorology sources and make sure they confirm with each other.

Sailboat Damage Deposit

Every boat rental in Key West, Florida will require a damage or security deposit.  It is very important that you accurately take photos of the yacht and document any damage or defects in the sailboat before your charter starts.  Another thing to consider if you return the sailboat back late, this fee can be deducted from your damage deposit.  Most damage is caused to damage is caused to propellers because most customers do not have a good chart-plotter.  Also they do not pay attention to the depths of the water.

Carelessness and alcohol can have an affect of damage caused to the yacht.  If a sailboat rental customer treats the yacht like their own, chances are they will not have any damage.

What Should I Bring To My Key West Sailboat Rental?

If your sailboat rental is just for the day, ocean-friendly, rub-on sun tan lotion is very important to bring on your yacht charter.  Bringing foul weather gear is a necessity in case weather takes a bad turn.  At Blue Ocean Yacht Charters, all our Yacht Rentals come fully furnished with eatery, cookware, and appliances.  On overnight sailing charters, Blue Ocean Yacht Charters of Key West supplies bed linens and towels.  It is a good idea to bring a beach towel as well as good footwear.  White soled shoes are a good idea to wear on board so your shoes don’t mark up the yacht’s floor. Bring your swimsuit and look forward to having fun on your next sailboat rental in Key West.

A sailboat rental can be a fun and exciting adventure with proper preparation. Blue Ocean Yacht Charters of Key West will help make sure your next sailboat rental will be life changing.  Call us at 305-923-4152 to book your next sailboat rental.

Have a fun sailing charter and be safe.

“Charter Booker!”

(Charter Booker, manages Blue Ocean Yacht Charters in Key West and writes many of the company’s blogs.  Having experience both on the water and off the water helping customers experience the best possible yacht charter for many years.  Charter Booker carries American Sailing Association certifications and has extensive knowledge of boat safety and regulations.  Call 305-923-4152 and ask for “Charter Booker” when booking your next yacht charter with Blue Ocean Yacht Charters in Key West, Florida.)