Frequently Asked Questions:

Why rent a Key West yacht vs. a house or hotel?

  • Renting a Key West yacht is typically less expensive (less hotel rooms needed).
  • You have access to all amenities of The Perry Hotel and Stock Island Marina Village
  • Two waterfront swimming pools, poolside and fine dining restaurants, retail, live entertainment, hotel boutique, spa services, and free shuttle service to and from downtown Key West
  • There is no one next door or above or below you like a hotel.
  • Take in a private day charter for the opportunity to learn to sail, snorkel, fish, swim, and even take in a private 24 hour charter.

How much does it cost to rent or charter a Key West yacht?

  • Prices for private day charters, average from $900 to $3500. Pricing depends on which Key West yacht you select, time of year, and length of your time you’re out on the ocean
  • Yacht Day Charter Options: 4 hour excursion, 8 hour excursion, 10 hour excursion, 24 hour charter or longer.
  • Overnight yacht charters away from the marina average from $750 to $1900/night.  Rates depend on the Key West yacht you select, time of year, and length of your yacht charter.  The longer your yacht charter is, the average price per night decreases.

Do I need to know how to operate the yacht or will a captain be provided?

  • Blue Ocean Yacht Charters will help find an experienced captain to take you that is familiar with the boat you rent. This charter is called a Demise Bareboat Charter.
  • Customers who have the experience and knowledge to operate a yacht on their own also have this option with Blue Ocean Yacht Charters.  This charter is called a Bareboat Charter.

What is the cancelation policy? What happens if the weather is bad? Do I get a refund? What is the check in and check out policy?

Blue Ocean Yacht Charters Cancelation Policy

  • Enjoy free cancellation and a full refund with more than 30 days notice from charter start date. A maximum refund of 50% of the total cost of the rental/charter is available if cancellation is made 14-30 days prior to charter/reservation start date. There are no refunds if cancellation is made less than 14 days of reservation/charter start date for any reason. All payments made 14-30 days from charter start date are 50% refundable and payments made less than 14 days from reservation start date, are non-refundable.  It is recommend Charterer purchase Trip/Vacation Protection online from an independent carrier if Charterer thinks there is a chance he/she would need to cancel reservation at any time. 

Weather Related Cancelations at BOYC Location:

  • Charters with no overnight stay at the marina-If BOYC determines conditions are not favorable and the boat cannot leave the marina:
      • Charterer can reschedule any charter and apply the amount paid toward a future charter for up to one year from the canceled check in date if Charterer does not stay on the boat at the marina.
      • In the event the Charterer does not want to reschedule, Charterer has the option to spend time on the boat at the marina until weather allows for departure. Charterer would be entitled to a prorated 50% refund for the difference in the value of time spent on the boat at the dock at the marina and the money paid for the entire charter. No refund is given for day charters, without an overnight stay, due to a weather cancellation.
      • If BOYC location falls with-in the cone of any named Hurricane that is projected to make landfall with-in 72 hours of check in. The charterer would be entitled to a 50% refund of the difference of the total amount paid and the rate for the time spent at the dock at the marina on the boat, in the event the Charterer does not reschedule the entire reservation/charter within one year from the date of check in.  If Charterer wants to reschedule with-in one year from canceled check-in date, then the full amount paid can be credited to the cost of a future reservation if Charterer does not stay on the boat at the marina.

BOYC does not offer refunds, credits, or the ability to reschedule for cloudy skies, rain, wind, or any other reason that makes Charterer’s charter less enjoyable

There is no refund for a paid excursion in the event the excursion is canceled and there is available time left in your reservation to reschedule it to on overnight stays at the marina with a paid excursion/charter.

Change in the number of guests:

  • There is no refund for any reason if any of your guests cancels at anytime.
  • There is a $100 cost per night or per day charter to add additional guests after your paperwork has been drafted and emailed to you up to 3 days prior to check in.
  • There is a $150 cost per night or per day charter to add additional guests after your paperwork has been drafted and emailed 3 days or less prior to check in.
  • There is a $100 extra guest fee per person that is joining you on a day charter that is not staying overnight with you. $150 to add additional guests up to 3 days prior to check in and $200 per guest 3 days or less prior to check in.

Making any changes to your charter:

  • There is a $150 fee to make any changes to your charter after your paperwork has been drafted and emailed to you up to 3 days prior to check in.
  • There is a $200 fee to make any changes to your charter after your paperwork has been drafted and emailed to you 3 days or less prior to check in.

Check In and Check Out Policy:

  • Check out is prior to 10am and Check in is after 3pm until 5pm. There is a $50 fee for every hour you Check in later than 5:00pm, due in cash to our Check in representative at the time you Check in. There is a $50 fee/half hour you arrive after your scheduled check in time, due in cash to our representative at the time you arrive. A Check in after 8:00pm is not available and you will have to find a last minute hotel room if you arrive to the yacht later than 8:00pm. Gratuity of $50-$75 is customary at check in.

It is recommended Charterer purchase Trip/Vacation Protection online from an independent carrier if Charterer thinks there is a chance Charterer would need to cancel reservation at any time.

Where can you go on a yacht charter?

  • The possibilities are endless.  The time you have and your budget are probably the most limiting factors.
  • Day charters to the coral reefs are the most popular.  For more information on these charters visit:
  • The Dry Tortugas National Park and Fort Jefferson is the most popular bareboat charter.  You will need a minimum of 5 nights for this yacht charter.  This is a great charter for families with kids.  For more information on this charter visit:
  • Up the Florida Keys.  You will have marinas and anchorages on this charter to get out and have access to land amenities.  Miami is a one week charter, one way and best done in two weeks round trip.  Scroll to the bottom of this page for more information on Miami:
  • Various private, un-inhabited, islands with a minium charter time of 24 hours
  • The closest Bahamas Island, such as Nassau, is a minimum of a two week charter.
  • Southwest Florida: Marco Island, Naples, Ft Myers, Cape Coral, Florida.  This is a one to two week charter and for more experienced boaters.

Which yacht is right for my guests and me?

  • Determine your group size and sleeping area needed.  The larger your group, the larger the boat you will need.  Our largest boat can sleep up to ten. If your group size is larger than ten total people, you have the option of renting two yachts.
  • Decide if you want a sailing yacht or a motor yacht without sails. Cost of fuel and the noise element are factors to consider.
  • Your budget will usually dictate which yacht you can choose from. The size, style, time of year, and demand will determine your total cost of the yacht rental.

Where do the captain and crew sleep on an overnight yacht charter away from the marina?

  • Captain and Crew sleep in the galley or salon on an overnight yacht charter.
  • Sometimes they will even sleep in the cockpit of the boat.  Some captains will even bring a hammock to sleep on. Other captains prefer there own cabin.  We will help find you the right captain for your charter needs.
  • Keep in mind you will need to share one bathroom with the captain and crew during the term of your yacht charter.

Are the Key West yachts suitable for kids and young children?

  • The age of the children on a yacht rental all depends on how comfortable the parents are. Typically more attention is needed to small children.
  • We recommend that children are supervised by an adult at all times during the yacht rental.
  • Careful attention should be made when children are on the deck or near waterlines.
  • The cockpits on our boats are large and suitable for kids to hang out.
  • We highly recommend that all children wear life jackets when the yacht is underway or at sea.  It is up to the parent whether their children wear a life jacket when the yacht is tied to the dock at the marina.
  • Snorkeling can be challenging for kids that can’t hold their breath and go under water.  Kids that are unable to snorkel still can have fun watching fish from the yacht, swimming, jumping off the boat, or fishing.

What can you do on a yacht charter?

  • Please visit our Destinations page for more detailed information on what to do on a yacht charter:
  • Sail and learn to sail. Learn the functions and parts of the boat.
  • Sunset cruise
  • Snorkeling of coral reefs and ship wrecks at your own risk.
  • Relax and unwind
  • Swim and jump off the yacht
  • Sea turtle, dolphin, manatees, and other wildlife sightings
  • Take in the history of Key West.  Key West is the shipwreck capital of the world.  Many customers enjoy touring Key West history and landmarks on a day cruise.
  • Many customers like to fish.  Keep in mind our yachts are not fishing boats and will not have these capabilities.  It usually is possible to drop a line while anchored for a fresh dinner.
  • Stay overnight at anchor by a private island 

What should I bring and what is allowed on my yacht rental in Key West?

  • Alcohol is allowed.  Please drink responsibly!
  • Bring beach towels
  • White soled shoes just for walking on the boat with.  Shoes on your feet that you walk on the street with are not allowed on our yachts.  
  • Ocean friendly sun tan lotion.  No spray sun tan lotion allowed on our boats! Most sun tan lotions will kill our beautiful coral reefs.
  • Bug spray with deet.  In low wind conditions Noseeums can come out at dusk for a little while
  • Iron if needed. 
  • Smoking is not allowed on our boats.  You can smoke on the docks however.
  • Groceries, ice, water, ground coffee for drip machine, coffee filters
  • We do not recommend drinking our fresh water on board
  • Our boats do not have water makers
  • Cleaning service during your charter is not provided
  • Some boats have blenders and toasters where others don’t. Please inquire within.
  • All our yachts have the following:
    1. Fully furnished kitchens with eatery and cooking essentials
    2. Appliances: Oven, cook top stove, microwave, refrigerator, freezer, and large cooler.
    3. Cutlery and Crockery for all your guests and crew
    4. BBQ Grill and tools
    5. Ice Maker for drinks
    6. Bluetooth Radio Player
    7. Generator with Air Conditioning
    8. 12 Cup Drip Coffee Maker (no filters provided)
    9. One set of Bed linens per bed per charter
    10. One set of bath towels per stay per person
    11. Hair dryers
    12. Marine toilet safe toilet paper
    13. Toiletries: Hand soap, body soap, shampoo, and conditioner.

Is there any movement on the Key West yachts?

  • There is slight movement at an anchorage at times.  Sometimes there is no movement on the yacht while at an anchorage like this. There is no movement on the yacht while its tied to the dock at the marina.
  • If you are prone to sea sickness please visit this article on our site:
  • Most of our customers do not develop sea sickness when underway when they follow the instructions in the above article.

What is the weather like in Key West?

  • Key West is mostly warm all year round with average highs in the lower 80 degrees and low temperature averages in the lower 70 degrees
  • Great for ocean and swimming pool activities year round
  • Summer time tends to have more rain that are short lived.  Winter is our dry season in Key West, Florida
  • Winds are prevailing out of the East.
  • Best sailing and weather conditions are in the spring and fall
  • Summer time tends to have less wind and winter months tend to be more windy

Can I go to a sandbar or island on a Key West yacht charter?

  • Most likely, No
  • On an overnight charter, you may be able to get to a sandbar on one of the yacht’s dinghies
  • There are some islands that you are not allowed on.  Make sure to check with our company or local authorities before walking on an island. 
  • Make sure not to disrupt the sea grass or plant life that grows on the bottom of the ocean.  Sea grass is common near sandy areas.
  • It is illegal in Key West to disrupt, or even touch corals and sea grass.

What is average gratuity for captain and crew on a yacht charter in Key West?

  • Average gratuity is 20% of the total cost of the charter.  Do not tip off of the captain’s fee.  
  • Tipping our staff while they are at the docks helping you is customary

What is the cost of fuel on a yacht charter in Key West?

  • This depends on how much you sail and how much you motor.
  • On a sailboat the following is a typical total cost: 2hr: $30, 4hr: $50, 8hr: $75, 24hr: $100, 2 nights: $100-$150 (total for the 2 nights), 3 nights $100-$200, 4 nights $100-$250, 5 or more nights: $100-$300 
  • Motor yachts can vary 

Is it customary to provide food and beverages for the captain & crew on a yacht charter in Key West?

  • Yes! It is industry standards for the yacht charter customer to offer and provide food and beverages to the captain and crew.
  • Unless you hire a chef or have food catered, you will pay for your own provisions, pick them up or have them delivered, cook your own meals, and cook enough for the captain and crew.

Does Blue Ocean Yacht Charters offer provisioning services?

  • Yes! You simply create your food and beverage list and we do the rest. Why wait in long lines at the grocery store, make another stop for your beverages, and hope traffic is good, during your hard earned vacation time? 

  • We take your list, go to the store, and purchase all the items on your list. We then bring them back to the marina, carry them to the boat, and unload them into the boat and refrigerators so they’re ready for your arrival. All you have to do is let one of our representatives know that you would like to add this service. 

  • 2022-2023 Rates: We have a $300 minimum charge due at the time you choose to hire us for this service. The cost is $100/hour (average total time to provision is 2.5 hours), cost of provisions, plus 25% of total receipts of provisions purchased. The balance, if due will be charged to your saved card on file, once all provisions have been placed on board the yacht.

  • At least one week prior notice is preferred.

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