The Yacht

I had never been on a sailboat prior to my experience on the BellaMaggio Yacht.  I must say that I found my charter on this boat to be very comfortable and had a wonderful experience. I enjoyed having the choice to read or bask in the sun on the rear deck of the boat or relax in the spacious cabin.  In addition, I appreciated being able to cook meals on the yacht and stay in my leisure clothes instead of going out during the charter process.  Also, I loved having my own bathroom adjoining my bedroom on this vessel.  I try to stay natural in my lifestyle so the fact that the sailboat is completely organic appealed to me.  From the bedding on the boat, to the products I used to do dishes, I didn’t need to worry about harsh chemicals on this yacht.

The Marina

The Stock Island Marina Village was also very accommodating.   During our yacht rental, we were able to enjoy the Tiki Bar or relax at the pool.  I found the showers to be very clean and accommodating.  We were also able to do laundry in the nice facility provided.  Finally, the people who stay on their boats in this marina were very friendly and I enjoyed socializing with many of them.  Overall, I give my first experience and charter on the BellaMaggio Yacht a big Thumbs Up.

The Ocean

I had never sailed prior to setting out on the BellaMaggio Yacht.  I have a great love for the ocean. The ocean’s vastness and beautiful color is breathtaking and relaxing to me.  Seeing it while sailing on this catamaran is spectacular.  I especially loved being able to grill and eat a meal while sailing at sea.  Snorkeling or sitting at the edge of the boat and dangling my feet with a glass of wine in hand was a memory maker.  I was able to see a number of beautiful fish on the edge of the coral reef.  The ocean off of Key West was amazingly clear.

The Yacht Charter Dolphin Experience

I must say that the highlight of my yacht charter in Key West, Florida was sailing on the BellaMaggio Yacht at sunset when a pod of dolphins literally swam up along side of us.  It was as though they were playing with us. I took many videos of my granddaughter and I while the dolphins stayed with us.  They came so close she could almost reach down and touch them.

Unforgettable Yacht Charter

I now have a passion for the ocean and the sunset on the ocean while on a sailboat.  This was truly an experience, seeing dolphins swim & jump out in front of you, watching the sunset under sail on the ocean.  This yacht charter was an unforgettable experience of a lifetime.   I strongly recommend you hire Blue Ocean Yacht Charters for your next unforgettable yacht charter.

Have a fun yacht charter and be safe.

“Charter Booker!”

(Charter Booker, manages Blue Ocean Yacht Charters in Key West and writes many of the company’s blogs.  Having experience both on the water and off the water helping customers experience the best possible yacht charter for many years.  Charter Booker carries American Sailing Association certifications and has extensive knowledge of boat safety and regulations.  Call 305-923-4152 and ask for “Charter Booker” when booking your next yacht charter with Blue Ocean Yacht Charters in Key West, Florida.)