Overnight Boat Rental Key West

Overnight boat rental in Key West, Florida is a popular option.  Many people like to take in a sunset sail or a full day excursion, snorkeling, swimming, relaxing and sailing.  There’s so many reasons why you’ll love an overnight boat rental in Key West, Florida, as alternative accommodation, but here’s 5 of our favorites:

Guaranteed water views!

Forget a room with a view…stay in the view, on a yacht in Key West, Florida! You’re at water level on a yacht in Key West. See fish and other marine wildlife swim right up to your yacht. Manatees are common marine wildlife you can see while staying overnight on a yacht in Key West, Florida.  From time to time it is not uncommon to see a dolphin or two swim by on a boat in Key West, Florida.

Wow factor on an overnight boat rental

Get a slice of laid back luxury in your life on a yacht in Key West, Florida.  It’s common to stay at a hotel or in a house, but how common is it to stay overnight on a vacation rental that floats in Key West?  Book your next vacation rental on a yacht today in Key West. Stay overnight, take a sunset sail, or enjoy a full day excursion out on the water while being in your home on a boat in Key West, Florida.

Family friendly overnight boat rental 

Kids can have their own cabin. Most of our yachts in Key West will sleep a couple families making this amazing stay on a yacht in Key West an incredible vacation. They can jump on many of our yacht’s trampolines, fish, and for those daring, can even jump off the yacht in Key West into the ocean blue water.  Overnight on a yacht in Key West is a vacation rental dream come true.

Quality time

Swap the screens for open skies & stars. There’s nothing better than laying on the deck of your favorite boat in Key West, under the stars, unplugged, and taking all that Mother Nature has to offer staying on a boat in Key West, Florida.

Save money with an overnight boat rental 

All this for less than a hotel room in Key West, Florida. Many hotels in Key West, Florida are over-priced due to the fact that Key West, Florida draws overnight vacation rentals from all over the world.  Vacation rental customers do not know how inexpensive it is to stay on a yacht in Key West Florida.  Whether you are looking to rent a boat in Key West, Florida, the cost savings can be huge. https://blueoceanyachtcharters.com/contact/

Happy Sailing,

“Charter Booker!”

(Charter Booker, manages Blue Ocean Yacht Charters in Key West and writes many of the company’s blogs.  He has experience both on the water and off the water helping customers experience the best possible yacht charter.  Carrying American Sailing Association certifications with extensive knowledge of boat safety and regulations makes him the charter authority.  Call 305-923-4152 and ask for “Charter Booker” when booking your next yacht charter in Key West, Florida.)