What Can You do on a Bareboat Key West Yacht Charter?

You may have been to the finest luxury resorts, or you may have travelled to exotic places on a customized tour. With a bareboat Key West yacht charter, be ready to be amazed! Experience your own choice of destinations every day, a level of service which is rarely exceeded and countless activities limited only to your imagination on land and on water. It’s truly the best personalized vacation you can have.

What Is A Charter Like?

These vacations are like renting a luxury villa and taking it with you as you explore on your vacation. You’ll unpack just once and never have to find a wonderful place for a meal or drink unless you want to.  You will never have to deal with countless other vacationers ashore unless you choose.  YOu will never have to wait in line to use water sports equipment, and never have to find a free space to sunbathe. You’ll visit destinations that interest you and have the length of time in each that suits you, explore land attractions, relax on the yacht, enjoy the water sports, and everything in between! It’s a vacation all about you on your own private island and our charter reviews confirm what a great vacation bareboat yacht charter can be. Its time to book your Key West Yacht Charter today!

The Key West Yacht Charter Service Is Tailored To Your Needs

The crew of your yacht will take care of your everyday needs so you can enjoy the  well-earned relaxation. Your yacht’s private chef will plan each meal tailored just to your likes and dislikes. The captain of your yacht will have ideas for a custom itinerary based on your thoughts of where you can’t wait to visit and will suggest their ideas based on countless prior guests. It’s your vacation and your choices to make.  A yacht charter in Key west is every yacht charters dream come true.

On Board The Key West Yacht Charter

The amenities on board will vary by yacht, but you can laze away your day being pampered resting in the sun, reading a favorite book, playing games the yacht has on board. Spend the morning on the water; water sking, jet sking, kayaking, or snorkeling. Spend the afternoon enjoying the scenery with your family and the evening watching a great movie. Of course, you can also do all of the above all day every day on a yacht charter in Key West! It’s your yacht vacation, have it your way. Think of your charter yacht as a luxury resort and all the things you can do there, with the great exception that you can move your resort to a new place when you want! Start your yacht charter in Key West today.

Entertainment on the Yacht Charter

The most modern larger yachts have onboard entertainment capabilities which are just astonishing. Imagine watching your favorite movie outside under the stars via satellite tv. Imagine in your stateroom having literally countless choices of music to play. Play games from old fashioned board games to x-box, playstation and the latest electronic games.. Yachts are adding new technologies constantly so be sure to choose a yacht that has the technology you or your guests just can’t live a day without.  For an unforgettable Key West yacht charter call 612-568-5370.